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Let the Presidential Candidates About Long Term Care

Leadership on long term care financing reform is needed. Without your influence the candidates for our highest office will not take notice. Your leadership and your message will force them to take notice. Send a message to Gary Bauer, Bill Bradley, Pat Buchanan, George Bush, Elizabeth Dole, Steve Forbes, Al Gore, Orrin Hatch, Alan Keyes, John McCain, Dan Quayle, and Bob Smith because we can find a better way for long term care financing.

The Message:

Dear Candidate:

As a registered voter I believe that as a candidate for President of the United States it is imperative that you address the looming crisis of long term care financing. America currently relies on an inadequate financing system, Medicaid, to finance care for society's most vulnerable: the frail elderly, disabled, and chronically ill. The seriousness of this problem will only continue to worsen as the 77 million baby boomers begin to access long term care services and supports. This issue is very important to the economic security of millions of Americans and cannot be ignored.

Political leadership on long term care financing reform is needed. The other two components of retirement security, Social Security and Medicare reform efforts have received enormous amounts of attention; however, long term care, which is potentially more devastating, has not been addressed. We need you to begin addressing this issue in order to help preserve the economic security of America's current and potential users of long term care. Unless this issue is addressed the huge influx of potential recipients will severely strain a system that currently under serves our nation's most vulnerable.

Long term care financing reform is an issue of primary importance to me and I look forward to hearing your plans for comprehensive reform.

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